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Monday, 9 April 2012

The END of the SEMESTER!!!!

welcome back to the blog...this is the last week for this second semester and there are something that make me so happy...this week,we had our class in our ICT lab and such a good feeling because after the whole semester we could not get the chance to do so,but at last we got it.

In this class session,our lecturer had taught us about Microsoft Access.I was so happy to learn this new thing and and Microsoft Access is actually something interesting to explore. 
I was so thankful because I managed to understand the whole direction and with the help of my lecturer and my friends, I did a good job in that exercises.

Another thing that really relieved my stress were we have be given 1 week more to submit our blog and group project which means we have another 1 week to finish our blog and group project.

Last but not least,final exam is around the corner and I really hope I can apply all the knowledge I had learnt in my examinations paper.

Week 10

Our learning still in library..huhu..I always thinks my class actually where is it???? whether at school of ICT or library.Actually i don't care where I study.In this week, we just doin our new group project ( create google site ). To create google site actually is easy but for me still difficult because this are new thing to me.So that,our lecturer had given to us a guidance how to create google site to make sure our project became easy to us.....huhuhu..  

Week 9

This week is so busy to my group because we had community service.But, our lecturer just want to explain only to us about new project ( create google site ) and after that we can going back to hostel.So this week is so simple to me because we didn't study more but it's okay for me...hehehe

Week 8

In this week our lecturer had explain to us about our topics and do some revision just want us remind back what we had learned in previous class.Besides that, he also explain to us about new project ( create google site ) and this is new thing for me actually because before this I never heard.So, for this project I must perform better and learn more also about this google site....huhuhu..this week also I know my mark about ICT mid-term.I am so happy because I get better mark but I still need to study a lot..hehehe....Thanks Ms Nisha for teach me so hard..I really appreciate it..

Week 7

This is our first week after semester break and this week also we all gonna had ICT mid-term....OMG I didn't study man..huhuhu..for this test I want to get the best this week also we all study about information system methodology and for that we need to go to library because our class still in this time we need to find what ever information about information system methodology in group and must submit to her at the end of the class..

Week 6

  This is last week for us before semester break for one week..huhuhu and I am so excited because I can see my this week also we still studied the topics in week 5 because we cannot finish earlier...besides that we also do some activity in class...our lecturer also had told us about ICT mid-term test after the break and what is come I must study in this semester break but my mind always ask me want to study or just enjoy my holiday...Aaarrrrggghhghh..I will got headache if I always think about for the solution..enjoy first after that studied..huhuhu..brilliant idea huh..

Week 4+5

This week I combine because I think what we all studied are related to each other..huhuhu..Both week we studied about IS ( information system ) , TPS ( transaction processing system ) and other else...huhuhu..from that I can know that information system had many type of system to manage all the system, their role and function,and characteristics each system.Besides that, I also know in information system they had their own traditional organization pyramid to divide their work..that so complicated idea..huhuhu..

Week 3

 This week we all studied about ICT in business and ICT in communication....our lecturer had given us explanation about this topics...besides that she also told us that they have Extranet use in business communication with customers and suppliers while the other one is Intranet which is use in internal communication within organisation..after she explain she also give us some activity to make all of us understand more..huhuhu...Actually after my lecturer explain to my group...I still didn't understand..but after I studied back..I can understand more what is ICT in communication and ICT in business..Alhamdullilah..thanks Allah for everything..huhuhu..after this I will make sure that all the topics I will understand..and I also must ask my lecturer if I had some question about my course because for this trimester I want to get A..I hope so la..

Week 2

This week I still didn't know anything because in class I didn't give 100% attention what my lecturer explain in class...all of this because I like to use internet while learning in class...that all my fault..ish3...but I still get something...that is about IT infrastructure and IT can I remember this????All of this after my lecturer ask me about this to me and I can answered it..huhuhu...after I going back hostel..I search about the topics back in that I can know what is IT infrastructure and architecture....Other than that..start this week also our class had problem with hot man but we still continue our learning and we also can finish class earlier 1 hour..hahaha

My first week

This is my first week in second trimester....hehehehe...and this week also is my first class for ICT..My lecturer had given us introduction to information technology..huhu..Other than lecturer also do some activity in class after she given us explanation..this activity about to collect some information from our we must choose our own partner get from that we can know about information more..this week also we all finish class earlier just 1 hour only from 2 hours..
all of this because our class had some problem..but this is just beginner for me..I don't what will happen for next time..
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