Salam Ukhuwah

Monday, 9 April 2012

The END of the SEMESTER!!!!

welcome back to the blog...this is the last week for this second semester and there are something that make me so happy...this week,we had our class in our ICT lab and such a good feeling because after the whole semester we could not get the chance to do so,but at last we got it.

In this class session,our lecturer had taught us about Microsoft Access.I was so happy to learn this new thing and and Microsoft Access is actually something interesting to explore. 
I was so thankful because I managed to understand the whole direction and with the help of my lecturer and my friends, I did a good job in that exercises.

Another thing that really relieved my stress were we have be given 1 week more to submit our blog and group project which means we have another 1 week to finish our blog and group project.

Last but not least,final exam is around the corner and I really hope I can apply all the knowledge I had learnt in my examinations paper.

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