Salam Ukhuwah

Monday, 9 April 2012

Week 3

 This week we all studied about ICT in business and ICT in communication....our lecturer had given us explanation about this topics...besides that she also told us that they have Extranet use in business communication with customers and suppliers while the other one is Intranet which is use in internal communication within organisation..after she explain she also give us some activity to make all of us understand more..huhuhu...Actually after my lecturer explain to my group...I still didn't understand..but after I studied back..I can understand more what is ICT in communication and ICT in business..Alhamdullilah..thanks Allah for everything..huhuhu..after this I will make sure that all the topics I will understand..and I also must ask my lecturer if I had some question about my course because for this trimester I want to get A..I hope so la..

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